Coaching and Activities

For Adults

Bouldering Workshop

In this training designed for new climbers, you learn the basics of rock climbing such as security measures, route structure and basic techniques. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to move and climb with safety and confidence in the gym and you will also have a basic notion about how to plan your climbing days. Please contact us at least one day in advance for this training.

Price :
120 TL

Beginner Level Group Lessons

Do you want to start climbing? Or perhaps you already have, but you don’t have any idea about how to improve yourself. Fear not, with the beginner level group lessons you’ll get a quick introduction to climbing techniques in a fun and safe way. After this lesson, you will be able to climb on the wall with safety and confidence.

Price :
4 Lessons = 360 TL
4 Lessons + Monthly Gym Membership = 460 TL

Personal Training

This personal training session is tailored for your specific needs and goals. With the help of our experienced trainers, you can get over your weaknesses and become a better climber.

One Lesson = 150 TL
4 Lessons + Monthly Membership = 600 TL

Company Activities

If you are looking for a fun and different activity for your company, bouldering might be just what you need. After learning about the climbing basics with your colleagues, you will get a taste of this new sport with more climbing and teamwork activities. For further information about these activities, please contact us.

For Children

Climbing for children

This activity aims to introduce children betwen 6-13 years of age to climbing in a positive way. It lasts for one one hour and includes roped climbing experience alongside bouldering.

Daily = 95 TL
4 Lessons = 330 TL

Group Climbing

Be it a school trip or a social club activity, we offer climbing sessions and activities according to your timetable.

55 TL (per person)

Note: This activity lasts for 90 minutes. It can be booked with minimum ten children. Minimum two trainers will accompany your group and this may increase depending on the size of your group. This activity is suitable for pre-school, primary, middle and high-school children.

Birthday Event

Do you want your children to experience a different kind of birthday? Your children can have a fun session that they’ll remember for a long time with the guidance of our experienced coaches. This activity can be modified according to the requests of the parents and it is suitable for all children over six years old.

Small-sized birthday event = 550 TL (up to 6 children)
After 6 children = +60 TL per child

Personal Training for Children

If you want your child to climb more regularly and to improve in this sport, our coaching is just for you. Your children will learn about climbing, improve in many different ways and have fun in these personal sessions.

4 sessions + Monthly Gym Membership = 400 TL
1 lesson = 120 TL
Notes: Each sessions lasts for 90 minutes. This training is suitable for children between 9-16 years.

Boulderhane Summer Program

The summer break is drawing near. Do you want your children to do something fun an healthy during the summer? Then join our summer program filled with sports, fun and games! Let your children socialize with other children while she takes her first steps into the world of climbing!

Notes: Each session lasts for 90 minutes.This program is suitable for children between 9-12 years Prices :
First Session: 50 TL
4 Sessions: 170 TL
8 Sessions: : 300 TL